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Beagle-2 against Decepticon robots

on Mars is a new InSight module

bbc.com November 26, 2018

From the movie "Transformers" in 2007 you can find out what happened to the British apparatus, which landed on Mars in 2003. There is an entertaining dialogue between the US Secretary of Defense and the Sector 7 specialist (many believe that Sector 7 does not exist):

remember a couple of years ago NASA lost the rover Beagle? then everyone was informed about the complete failure. this is not true. Beagle transmitted 13 seconds. This entry has been assigned the top secret. All systems are functioning normally. fuel is running out. signal interruption the probe died. data stream was interrupted at around 170. he passed the photo. it's not a matter of Martian stones.

He was destroyed by evil robots Decepticons (deceivers). Such a dialogue in the film, but not in any film, everything converges.

The device is not American, as claimed by the specialist of sector 7, but the British. Named in honor of the English ship Beagle, which traveled the famous naturalist Charles Darwin. In fact, the solar panels did not fully open after landing and, as a result, blocked the radio antenna transmitting data and receiving signals from the Earth. Perhaps he is still transmitting something to us. In those very minutes.

On November 26, 2018, the American Space Agency put a new InSight module on Mars after six months of flight. He will study the interior of the planet. This is the ninth landing of the American apparatus on Mars and the eighth successful. The device gave a photo of the surface of the red planet. The photo shows no robots, neither good nor evil.

The Soviet Mars 3 (1971) transmitted information for 14 seconds. "Phobos-Grunt" flew 350 km there, 350 km back and burned in the atmosphere of the Earth.

We will help Robovoin! And the Channels of the Red Planet.

Техника переноса рисунка Моны Лизы

Мастер изменил первоначальный замысел. К примеру, убрал шпильку над волосами, что не было модным во Флоренции когда шедевр появился. Результаты статьи в целом расширяют понимание техники Леонардо, еще раз демонстрируя важность науки о культурном наследии

Нектон и складки на коже женщин

Доктор биологических наук запустил в бассейн сорок профессиональных пловчих. С использованием электрической лебедки голых пловчих буксировали под водой со скоростью от 2 до 4 метров в секунду. Первое в мировой литературе специальное исследование о нектоне

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