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Engineers from the Japanese corporation Seiko Zun, Tokyo, Japan, have developed a home that can radically change the existence of a person. Dull weekdays and everyday problems end, a continuous celebration of life begins without worries and hassle. Housing saves resources and automatically pays for them. Cleans, erases, cooks, cares for children, patients and animals. “We have foreseen everything”, says Sekiro Kurisamo, the technical director of the smart housing project, “residents will be very pleased”. The house independently performs analyzes of the human discharge, determines the state of its health and, in accordance with the recommendations made, determines the necessary diet, purchases the appropriate products via the Internet and prepares food.

Doctors are resting. As well as kindergarten teachers. The housing kit includes skilled robotic nannies, teachers and funny cyborg animals. In addition to standard cyborgs - dogs, kitties, horses and cubs - if necessary, you can understaff the house with more exotic animals, such as, for example, elephants, cubs, mammoths or whales. In addition, numerous characters of fairy tales and films are developed and ready for use. Little Red Riding Hood, dwarf Nose, old woman Shapoklyak, captain Hook and others. By the way, it turned out that both animals and heroes of fairy tales and films are often required by adults. “We are trying”, Sekiro Kurisamo observes, “so that the residents are very pleased”. ”Only once we could not help one boy did he need Napurigal. Who is Napurigal?”

Based on the individual characteristics of the inhabitants, a smart home draws up a TV program, fashion style, hairstyles, checks eyesight and hearing, sets the daily routine, distributes the budget and plans the birth rate. Numerous sensors conduct round-the-clock monitoring of the state of residents and, if necessary, adjust the behavior programs of the home. Moreover, smart homes are united in a global network, which allows you to plan a family, to look for the most successful combination of characters and habits. In the case of the formation of a new unit of society, the dwelling acts as a priest, blessing the young couple, and in the case of divorce proceedings, as a judge.

According to engineers from Seyiko Zun Corporation, in the near future it is planned to switch from individual smart homes to smart homes, smart streets and smart cities. It also became known that an independent smart state is already being built on a desert island in the Pacific Ocean.

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