Invisible robots for internal cavities

Invisible robots for internal cavities - fantastic story русский

Engineers from the Japanese National Center for Robotics Research, Tokyo, said they created the smallest biorobot. The biorobot is so small that it is not visible in any of the existing optical microscopes. Another distinguishing feature of a unique creation is its ability to reproduce itself. "He adsorbs all the necessary atoms from the environment and creates his own copies, and they create their own copies," said project manager Dr. Masasyanya Masimoto, "they are as tiny as my granddaughter says".

Small robots are very useful both in industry and in the household, because of their small size they can easily penetrate the most inaccessible places. The new ministry is interested in the Ministry of Public Security of Japan. "We do not hide our interest in this development, there is still so much secret and secret in the world", said a senior secretary, who wanted to keep his name a secret. The Ministry of Public Health is confident that the new generation of biorobots will help specialists penetrate the deepest internal cavities and significantly raise the level of diagnosis and prevention of diseases.

The new biorobot was called the Minimum, which means very small. Currently, engineers from the Japanese National Center for Robotics Research are struggling with the problem of creating tracking devices for the Minimums and its many descendants. It is necessary not only to determine the location of each instance, but also to find out what exactly they are doing. Attempts to create bloodhound robots ended in complete failure, since when they met with the descendants of the Minimum, the latter took apart the bloodhounds into their components and immediately collected their copies from them.

At the moment, the most promising idea is to create a field similar to a magnetic one, which will collect biorobots, as a magnetic field collects particles of a ferromagnetic powder with non-destructive testing. Each Minimum is not visible, but when gathered together in large numbers they will become Maximum, experts think so. Scientific thought does not cease to amaze us with its ups, paradoxes and amazing discoveries of the secret secrets of nature. It was indirectly able to establish that the Minimums secretly fly to Mars, Venus and Jupiter on microscopic rockets of unknown design.

Восприятие членства в группе от спонтанного и произвольного смеха

Спонтанный смех правильно классифицирован с высокими показателями распознавания голландцами (n = 1660, 76,01%) и японцами (n = 808, 77,01%). Произвольный смех правильно определен голландскими (n = 1558, 71,34%) и японскими (n = 811, 77,39%) слушателями.

128 окурков на квадратный метр

Сигаретные окурки являются наиболее распространенной формой антропогенного мусора на нашей планете. Более семи триллионов сигарет курят каждый год, и три четверти окурков (5,5 триллионов) превращаются в мусор - более одного миллиарда килограммов в массе

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