Maximum country preparedness for battle

Maximum country preparedness for battle - fantastic story русский

Recently, the world was shocked by news from North Korea. Television of the country reported that a young Korean astronaut made a heroic flight in the sun. The astronaut is seventeen years old, his name is Hung Il Hong, he is a pilot of the North Korean air force. The flight lasted eighteen hours and was performed at night, so that the astronaut would not suffer much from the terrible solar heat. It should be noted that the temperature of the solar surface reaches 5500 degrees. Thus, North Korea is ahead of all countries in the world in this important matter.

However, it later became clear that the astronaut was not really a man, but a woman. Her name is Hong Tuan Kim. From childhood, she dreamed of hugging the outstanding leader of the Korean people and all of humanity, Kim Jong-un, the most genius of all geniuses. But to do this is possible only in the case of an outstanding feat. Explode Japan with a bomb prepared from fermented rice grains, dig a tunnel to America so that the liberation army can crawl through it, or fly to a star named the Sun. Hong Tuan Kim threw all her strength into the fire of a bitter struggle and finally achieved her own goal - made a heroic flight to the Sun and hugged the leader and teacher of the people during the award ceremony.

Hong Tuan Kim hopes to once again hug the leader and teacher of the Korean people in the future. To achieve her dream, in the daytime she collects a bomb from fermented rice grains, and at night she digs a tunnel to America so that the liberation army can crawl through it. When Hong Tuan Kim found out that women all over the world wear tights, she shaved her hair off her head in protest, didn’t eat for four days, and vowed that she would die better, but she would remain free and will always fight tirelessly to ensure the country's maximum preparedness for battle.

Влияние тестостерона на заработную плату

Авторы из Высшей школы экономики тщательно изучив наблюдения за пальцами 700 мужчин и 900 женщин, выборка респондентов из Москвы и Московской области, установили тесную связь соотношения длины безымянного и указательного пальца на величину дохода россиян

Высокий каблук - пьедестал для женщины

Привлекательность женщин связана со здоровьем и плодовитостью, различные модные аксессуары стимулируют, добавляют влечение к противоположному пола. Специалисты предположили - женщина на высоких каблуках будет расцениваться как более сексуальная и желанная

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