Hero Children in a Brazilian Anthill

Hero Children in a Brazilian Anthill - fantastic story русский

An international team of researchers from universities in Spain, Italy, Greece and Ethiopia conducted a unique experiment in the Amazon River Delta. Scientists studied the behavior of leaf-cutting murvids; these restless workers cut jaws of leaf leaves and drag them into the bins of their anthills, reaching a depth of five meters. There, ants chew the leaves into slurry and put it in special chambers in which they breed a special kind of mushroom. Mushrooms feed on the gruel of leaves, and ants feed on mushrooms. Such symbiosis allows them to exist for millions of years and successfully compete with other species.

Mysterious chambers with mushrooms, located at the very bottom of the anthill, for a long time remained a complete mystery to science. But now this mystery, which tormented the minds of great biologists and naturalists around the world, has been successfully solved for decades. Researchers could not get into these mysterious cells themselves because of their great growth, but they sent their children there. The heroes of the scientific feat were the five-year-old Antonio Fero (he climbed into the anthill four times), the three-year-old Issidora Merier and the two-year-old Batu Mali-tan.

The children carefully crawled along with the ants into the secret chambers. In order not to be discovered by warrior ants, the children not only showed them pre-prepared pieces of leaves, but also opened their mouths, showing how well they were able to chew the leaves into gruel. In secret cameras, the children photographed mushrooms on smartphones and sent a selfie to instagram, in addition, they took some mushrooms with them so that parents could study them thoroughly with their devices. The three-year-old Isidora Merier even tasted mushrooms - "my mother and I went to a big store and bought a clown there, he has such big eyes, so big, big, and why are you small?"

History knows many cases when scientists sacrificed themselves in the name of science. Louis Pasteur, for example, but now science can triumph in full force - three young children made a heroic feat in the Brazilian anthill, and five-year-old Antonio Fero climbed there four times (he was looking for a lost flashlight). The team leader, biology professor Salvador Merier from the University of Madrid, Spain, told the press, "of course they are heroes, our little ones, and until they grow up, we plan to study termite mounds in Argentina, and the devil’s norm in New Zealand".

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Зонд «Мессенджер» запущен NASA в 2004, прежде чем достичь Меркурия, космическому аппарату пришлось преодолеть почти 8 миллиардов километров, 15 раз обогнуть Солнце, после чего перейти на орбиту Меркурия. Специалисты НАСА обнаружили на поверхности смайлик

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