The infinity of the shapes of stains

The infinity of the shapes of stains on the wallpaper - fantastic story русский

Psychology professor Mirano Polivatti and his assistant, Lucia Fera from the University of Genoa, published the work "What are the stains on the wallpaper? Myths or reality?" In their extensive ten-volume work, Italians investigated the effect of stains on wallpaper on the human psyche and the consequences of this influence. More than 1350 pages were allotted only to the description of various types of spot forms in this landmark work. Those who love computers more will certainly enjoy the three enclosed CDs with a total capacity of 13.5 gigabytes.

The stains on the wallpaper have long been known, but few have made scientific attempts to study their effect on human behavior. However, several cases of suicide (at least eight) and two cases of murder (one in Germany in 1935, the other in Ethiopia in 1973), closely associated with stains on the wallpaper, were documented. In the literature, double preterm birth is mentioned on the one hand, and on the other hand a strange delay of two and a half months. Three people were speechless, one, on the contrary, spoke in the complete absence of language. Indeed, as they say, what is it? Myths or reality already?

Mirano Polivatti and his assistant tried to answer these questions. For eight years they applied stains to wallpapers in a variety of ways. Used ink, juices, blood, urine, paints. They used fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, insects, meat, chocolate, eggs, excrement, honey. In the third year of work, two professional artists and ten senior students were hired to prepare the spots. "We just did not have time to put spots on the wallpaper, it turned out that their shapes are endless, like the universe is endless. Now, it seems that its edge, its advanced lines, are already visible, but here a more powerful telescope is put into operation and the border is pushed back by an order of magnitude".

In total, 25,000 rolls of wallpaper, both Italian and imported, were used. “Of course we preferred the wallpaper of our country, we are Italians, but after trying all the options, we turned to French manufacturers, then Belgian, Swiss and Spanish. Several rolls were discharged from the USA and Argentina”. Researchers plan to continue work after the end of the financial crisis and are already negotiating with wallpaper manufacturers from China and Japan. Perhaps the great silk road will be re-laid thanks to the tireless Italian researchers stains on wallpaper.

Морковь в качестве театральных билетов

Испанские творческие люди не устают предостерегать, что повышение НДС до 21%, предпринятое ради увеличения доходов бюджета, просто убьет культуру, ведь билеты в театр, например, дорожают, а платежеспособность населения так невысока, что вызывает удивление

Гидеон Гоно и экономика Зимбабве

В результате гиперинфляции в 2009 году на свет появилась купюра достоинством в 100 000 000 000 000 (100 триллионов) зимбабвийских долларов. Как же до такого дело дошло? Республика Зимбабве, располагается между водопадом Виктория, реками Замбези и Лимпопо

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