Thirty-five years lie in the grave

Thirty-five years lie in the grave - fantastic story русский

The message from India has caused confusion in the scientific community of the world community. Near the city of Bangalore, during the excavation of the cemetery, the body of a living person was recovered. During the exhumation by the investigating authorities, the grave was mixed up and a living body was found instead of the remains of the deceased. This body turned out to be a yogi Signaginbarkhlor, about which he himself informed astonished diggers. Thirty-five years ago, he was buried in a grave to see how much he could hold out there. I must say that this practice is quite widespread in Hindu villages.

What happened subsequently is not known, only everyone has forgotten about yoga. Perhaps the weather cataclysms inherent in the area have begun, or another bad year has come out, or an epidemic of poorly studied fever has distracted the local population. Nevertheless, the yogi did not lose heart and waited for the same release. Drabandan Sigkukshn, a professor at the University of Delhi, where they brought a dug up person to study, did not find any serious deviations in his health in the patient. "He was quite awake and complained only that he had no one to tell about his dreams. It is interesting that he had absolutely no food, no water, no air. How did he live there in complete darkness?"

The Indian experts were especially surprised by the fact that the yogi who had lain underground for thirty-five years was well aware of the events that occurred on earth during this period. He knew about the collapse of the USSR, the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the onset of the third millennium, the crisis of 2008 and the revolutions in Africa. To study this issue, scientists plan to send yoga back to the grave with two employees and high-speed Internet. Employees will listen to stories about his dreams, record them, and send emails to the university.

So far, it has not been possible to agree on a new burial. Firstly, Sighashinbarkhlor is afraid that he will be forgotten again in the grave, and secondly, he recently married a young, beautiful girl from a neighboring village. A girl from a poor family, but she dances and sings very well. The university promises to buy a young couple a corn field if a happy husband decides to continue experiments for the sake of science. Sighashinbarkhlor also wants an elephant.

Восприятие членства в группе от спонтанного и произвольного смеха

Спонтанный смех правильно классифицирован с высокими показателями распознавания голландцами (n = 1660, 76,01%) и японцами (n = 808, 77,01%). Произвольный смех правильно определен голландскими (n = 1558, 71,34%) и японскими (n = 811, 77,39%) слушателями.

Инфекционные заболевания в кирпичах

Кирпич является прямоугольным организмом на глиняной основе, он находится главным образом внутри и вокруг человеческих поселений, мы провели обширное исследование их инфекционных заболеваний

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