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In experiments with rats, scientists have shown how and why women's underwear attracts men. Biologists reported this on November 17 at the 44th annual conference of the American Neurophysiological Society in Washington, DC. The author of the study, Gonzalo Quintana Zunino, Sexual Behavior Neuroscience Montreal, Quebec, Canada, reported the following to the assembled experts - every time my partner wears underwear, I am going to have sex.

Biologists placed male rats on female rats, and the females were wearing special short vests, as if in such underwear. Males and females mated. After the males, they sat down one by one to two females, one was in a vest (in linen), the other without a vest (naked). It turned out that males preferred a rat in a vest more often than without a vest, and with such a rat they reached ejaculation much faster.

Next, the rats were killed and a special dye was injected into the brain, which shows the activity of a gene called c-fos, an indicator of neural activity. It was then that it turned out that pleasure centers in rats copulating with females in vests worked more actively than in males copulating with females without vests. Thus, on the altar of science lay twelve males. The authors of the experiments have vowed to honor their memory by preserving the offspring.

It is well known that rats are very different from men, however, erotic lingerie can have on the latter about the same effect, scientists say. In their earlier studies, Gonzalo Quintana Zunino and colleagues taught rats to associate a specific smell of almond with sex; they taught male rats to mate predominantly with females that have this smell. Almond and vest, what could be better for a rat?

Пчелам нравятся подсолнухи Ван Гога

Пчелам показывали копии двух картин на которых были цветы - Подсолнухи Ван Гога, Ваза цветов Гогена. Когда пчелы столкнулись с картинами, большинство посадок было на цветках. Из 146 походов на посадку, 99 были к цветкам, из 15 посадок - 13 были на цветках

Отсутствие уличного освещения может предотвратить преступления

Выключение уличного света в полночь привело к сокращению краж из транспорта в ночное время (с 12 до 6 на улицу в месяц). При этом кражи по ночам выросли на прилегающих дорогах, где освещенность осталась без изменений. Журнал количественной криминологии.

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