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A Chinese sold his kidney for iPad2

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A 17-year-old schoolboy from the poor Chinese province of Anhui has long wanted to buy an iPad2 and, for this, sold his right kidney. Intermediaries for the sale of body lover of fashionable gadgets found on the Internet.

Xiao Zheng, who this year moved to the 10th grade, underwent surgery in a hospital in Hunan Province, after which he returned home. The money he received was enough not only for a tablet computer, but also for an iPhone.
The teenager’s mother did not know anything about her son’s plans and was very surprised when he returned home with expensive gadgets. At first the schoolboy did not want to tell where he got that kind of money. But then he admitted that he sold the kidney, wanting to pay for Apple products.

Upon learning of what had happened, the mother went with her son back to the hospital. There she was told that the surgical department was leased to a businessman from another region. It was not possible to find a businessman, as well as intermediaries: all the phones were turned off.

The chances of finding a carved kidney Xiao Zheng are melting every day - most likely it has already been transplanted. Meanwhile, the adolescent's health condition is constantly deteriorating.

Illegal intermediaries from the Internet paid Xiao Zheng for 22,000 yuan per kidney (about 3.39 thousand dollars).

Five bodies suspected of illegal organ trafficking were detained in Hunan Province in southeastern China. Among them is a surgeon who performed a kidney surgery on a teenager. The detainees were charged with intentional harm and illegal organ trafficking.

A 17-year-old schoolboy received an offer to illegally sell an organ in an online chat. The operation was carried out in April last year. After that, the young man began to suffer from renal failure.

According to the investigation, for the kidney transplant, five detainees received about $ 35 thousand, while a teenager received about $ 3 thousand for the sale of his body.

Despite the fact that Apple products are very popular in China, because of its price, it remains out of reach for many Chinese, notes the BBC.

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