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On the day of the Airborne Forces, a paratrooper climbed a ride in Central Park and made a jump

Komsomolskaya Pravda 030812

The celebration of the Day of the Airborne Forces passed without serious violations of public order, although, as noted by the police, it did not go without incident.

“In the evening, in Central Park, one of the paratroopers climbed the“ Waltzing Boats ”attraction and jumped into the pool, the press service of the State Ministry of the Interior of Russia for the Novosibirsk region reported. - However, due to the shallow depth of a man hit his head on the bottom and hurt his neck.

The victim was immediately provided first aid, after which the paratrooper was taken to hospital. Unfortunately, the preliminary diagnosis of physicians is disappointing: according to them, the man has become an invalid and, most likely, now he cannot walk ...


bukharye and not landing, and already long


Shut up all! This is their holiday and how to celebrate it is up to them alone !!!

he served one year, during this time it is not possible to become a paratrooper

Darwin Award was very close.

This is my friend. He fortunately didn’t break his neck. We stayed all night in the NIITO hospital. There he had an operation. Final diagnosis of dislocation of the cervical vertebrae. now he is conscious and can move all the limbs. This is a 20 year old Vova Krasnopolov.

Ценные раковины легко украсть

Собирая доказательства в поддержку своей гипотезы, Марк Лайдре, Дартмутский колледж, сравнил 328 образцов девяти родственных видов крабов-отшельников, хранящихся в Смитсоновском институте (Вашингтон) и в Гарвардском музее сравнительной зоологии (Кембридж)

Критические пределы окружающей среды

Участники ездили на велосипеде или ходили по беговой дорожке. Температура или влажность постепенно повышались в камере, до тех пор, пока участник не достиг точки, при которой его тело не могло поддерживать внутреннюю температуру - 30C при 100% влажности

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