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British scientists from the University of Middlesex, located in the north of London, once again made a scientific sensation. After many years of research, which lasted for fifty years with short breaks, they were able to conclusively prove that some dog breeds are sensitive to wifi. Moreover, many female individuals successfully distinguish free wifi from a password-protected wifi.

In total, more than 15,000 dogs, 25 cats, 12 rats, 2 pigeons, and one deaf raccoon were examined. By the way, the raccoon died immediately after the experiments, although it was true in 1972. It was not possible to establish why the raccoon died, but the preservation of his name is Deaf and even the grave, which will allow subsequent generations of scientists to exhume the remains and repeat the experiments if necessary. As for the pigeons, they were somehow strange and flew away in the spring of 1985 in an unknown direction.

Professor Elloucocking, the head of research and an honorary member of various scientific societies, said the following: "By and large, we still know almost nothing, all our efforts stumble on a blank wall of mystery. Nature locks us from us its amazing secrets in the secret chests of the universe, as we lock from children sweets before the holiday so that they don't overeat and don't get dirty. As for dogs, I have no doubt that this species definitely has a great future. We weighed and shaved them".

A close-knit team of researchers from Middlesex University continues its hard work. The issue of not only wifi detection but also password definition is on the agenda. Scientists see the main problem in how to adapt modern gadgets to clawed dog paws. With their claws, dogs, full of enthusiasm and fun, pick out buttons and scratch the screens. Very quickly, expensive laboratory equipment becomes unusable, which significantly affects the research budget. Note that over the past year, 2.1 million pounds have been spent on the purchase of new tablets, phones and laptops for dogs.

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