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American scientists confirmed the existence of Bigfoot

Bigfoot can copy us

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A group of scientists from the United States, researching the genome of the Bigfoot, an alleged mammal, with the appearance of a great ape that hides in the forests of North America, said it had found evidence of the existence of this mysterious hominid.

In the publication Mirror published an article in which researchers claim that they filmed human-like erectus creatures that are representatives of an unknown species. Moreover, the head of the research group, Dr. Melby Ketchum, claims that they were able to take DNA samples of the snowman.

"It was a serious study, and not just a senseless pursuit of ghosts. We conducted many scientific analyzes using all known data on Bigfoot in North America. Now we have not only the DNA of these creatures, we all saw them with our own eyes," Dr. Ketchum.

Bigfoot, according to the expert, is very similar to ordinary people, capable of replicating the behavior characteristic of homosapiens, but with all this, they still have many differences.

"It seems to me that this is a kind of person. Some other unknown hybrid. Bigfoot can copy us," added Ketchum.

The study, the owner and founder of the Center for Biological Research Dr. Ketchum, cost $ 486,000. The search for Bigfoot lasted for 5 years. DNA samples of the mythical hominid are currently sent to the lab at the University of New York, where other specialists will study them.

The researchers promise to soon show a documentary about their meetings with bigfoot.

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