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In all cultures, including the most ancient, across the moon world, there are stories of the dead vampires or vampires dead. Blood-sucking aksharas in Sumerian mythology. Vampire-like spirits in Babylonian demonology. Dahanavar in Armenia. Mananangal in the Philippines. Vampire-like creatures of the Utael in the Sanskrit short story of India, they inhabit the corpses, that's what they do. The lame corpse in Chinese tradition is nourished by qi, the vital essence of the victim, and not by blood, like its other brethren. In Eastern Europe, vampires are creatures that kill people by drinking their blood. A vampire can be destroyed by cutting off his head, sticking an aspen stake in his heart and burning a corpse. Here's how to destroy a vampire.

Scientists from Saint Clement of Ohrid Sofia University, Bulgaria, and Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, led by sociology professor Radan Drakulovich Jr., have conducted extensive research on the reaction of modern technological civilization to the factor of the existence of a vampire society. 256 students of different sexes and ages (the common thing was that they all loved the Internet and Pepsi), dressed as vampires, ghouls, ghouls and limping corpses. After 12 a.m., these non-people were released in the dark alleys of Sofia, Plovdiv, Skopje and Bucharest. The results were carefully recorded.

In just two weeks of May 2015, 425 issues were completed. Three students did not return at all. 12 were admitted to hospitals with neck injuries when unknown attempts to cut off their heads. 68 bullets of various calibers, 8 silver bullets, one gold, two platinum, 23 lead, 24 copper, 10 tin were removed from 34 backs and buttocks. 18 vampires were beaten with fists and legs, 9 ghouls were beaten with various devices - sticks, beer mugs or iPhones. In every second werewolf they tried to stick some object, at least remotely resembling an aspen stake. 14 ghouls were bitten by dogs of different breeds and one - a white circus horse named Shaman.

"We have received numerous and undeniable evidence that modern technological civilization is responsive to the factor of the existence of a vampire society," professor Radan Draculovich Jr. told BBC reporters. This shows how deeply rooted in the minds of the masses are ideas about the mystical, despite the ever-declining interest in fiction. “What awaits us in the future?”, the professor asks, “the penetration of mysticism into reality, or reality into mysticism?”

Пифагоровы штаны на все стороны равны

За всю свою жизнь Пифагор не написал ни одной книги, он предпочитал живое общение с народом, любил природу, людей, животных, называл себя не мудрецом, называл себя любителем мудрости – философом. Жил 500 лет до нашей эры. А квадрат + В квадрат = С квадрат

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