Talking tadpoles of Hanoi

Talking tadpoles of Hanoi - fantastic story русский

Talking tadpoles of Hanoi

Vietnamese scientists from the University of Hanoi taught the tadpoles of the frog of the genus Lapista Lapis to pronounce human-readable words. And immediately in two languages ??- Vietnamese and Russian. Although tadpoles know more than Vietnamese words, Russian words are spoken with almost no accent. "We were helped by the use of foreign languages ??in Russian insight," said Dr. Nam Dong. "Only autumn was hollow tama. Three months are holad - June, July, August, the rest of the month autumn is holad".

A total of 53 tadpoles taught to speak. This is the first batch. In the next batch, it is planned to train already 144 young frogs. The learning process includes the use of a resonance tomograph and a source of radiation. The juveniles are irradiated with cesium ions until a characteristic violet flicker appears on the screen of the tomograph, at which point Vietnamese scientists pronounce the words for 2-5 seconds, after which it is necessary to drain the solution.

The head of the department of agricultural implements, Mr. Tong Kong, noted in an interview with Chinese journalists that this is the first step towards the merger of post-industrial society with the nature of pristine nature. In the future, it is planned to extend the acquired skills to representatives of other species, in particular to water snakes, snails and oysters. In addition, it is necessary to significantly increase the number of languages. Most tourists come to Vietnam from the countries of Southeast Asia, in particular from China, as well as from Europe, a lot of Frenchmen, since Vietnam has long been a colony of France.

These joyful prospects, which promise gourmets all over the world an unforgettable conversation with exquisite dishes of an exotic country in their native language, are overshadowed by information that some young frogs have learned to swear at the press. Not only in Vietnamese, which can somehow be understood taking into account the average salary of nurses, but also in English, German, and Arabic. A thoroughly conducted investigation revealed the fact that tadpoles secretly through the sewers regularly visit night-time evil establishments in different places of Hanoi and Saigon.

Признаки индивидуальности у собак

78 четвероногих испытуемых показали, что основные черты человеческой личности имеются и у собак. Исследователи сказали, что с удовольствием поработали бы еще со львами или слонами, но с собаками все гораздо проще, особенно на такой ранней стадии изысканий

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В буддистском храме Кодай-дзи богиня милосердия Каннон воплотилась в андроиде-проповеднике. Божество Каннон превращается в различные формы, помогая людям обрести душевное спокойствие. Андроид провел свою первую проповедь перед удивленными журналистами

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